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e.l.f. make-up for $1


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This is my first "deal" posting, haven't seen it posted it yet and I got it from a friend via e-mail and already placed my order, so thought I would share...apparently e.l.f. is changing their logo and selling MANY items for $1, lipsticks, gloss, nail polish, eye liners, etc. lots of stuff.




hope my link works:)


forgot to add, if you use the code CAROLINA, it takes $7.50 off $15, which means you can order 15 items, as I did and only pay $14.XX, in other words you eliminate shipping which is a flat $6.95.

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I buy from them all the time. I really like the nail polish and the lip plumping lip gloss. I also like the brushes. the only thing I did not care for was the mascara but I think it may have been old because it was clumpy. My makeup bag is full of E.L.F makeup and I have only had one bad item.
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I also love ELF, I bought 2 years ago under the guise that they were going into Nordstrom. Ha ha. I haven't stopped ordering since. So far the only thing I haven't liked has been the eye pencils, but I am very picky about eyeliner. I love the bronzers, brushes, nail polish and lip glosses. I have tons of them! I would advise anyone that hasn't tried them to give them a try, it is fantastic!


Oh and the mineral makeup is great and a fraction of the cost of other places.

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i've never bought it anywhere but online, but that's because i like the coupon codes ;)


it is really good makeup for the price.


watch out if you've allergies though. i learned the hardway that i am allergic to their eyeshadow. it actually made my eyelids look like they were sunburned and they peeled etc etc. not fun.

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