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petz nintendo ds and wii games at Amazon NOW 10.72


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All of these games in the OP have had prices drops.


They are all now $13.17, except Petz Horsez 2 for Wii is now $11.97.


Call and get your price adjustments, number: 1-866-216-1072


Even though it's not alot of money, every penny counts. and if these games follow the price drops of Petz Dogz 2 for PS2, they should/may go lower.

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I emailed customer service to get the price adjustment. Do you think it will go any lower?

It's possible. The prices have dropped twice since I first posted this. I got a price adjustment both times. It it drops lower, you can call or e-mail and get another price adjustment.

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Yay! Thank you. Question: When you email for a PA, do you have to tell them what prices you need on what products or do they figure it out themselves? Thanks :D


I just go to HELP then to the right side EXPRESS choose the item you have order then click EMAIL, choose general question then type something like the price of this item has come down, can I please get a price adjustment. I've done it a few hundred times (sadly,lmao) and they quickly email you back with the total refund! I LOVE amazon.com!!

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