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Looking for super deals on baby things

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Looking for newborn toys, etc. We're expecting our second grandchild in Sept. and don't know if its a boy or girl and prolly won't find out either since they want a surprise. They already have all the basic stuff, swings, etc., so I'm looking for maybe sales on unusual things to keep a new baby alert and occupied. Thanks all!
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have you ever checked out freepeats??


it's a website where parents and grandparents post up items they have to give away for free, you can also post items that you would like to have and there is another forum that keeps track of all consignment sales in your area...


friends of mine in the philly area use it frequently, and the one for my area just opened today..


i'm posting the info about it, but please if i'm violating any rules in doing so let me know:




Freepeats Phoenix and Freepeats Minneapolis are now OPEN!


Freepeats.org hooks you up with FREE gently-used baby, kid and maternity items from local families who are ready to pass them on. Since November 1 of last year over 3000 Freepeaters in Atlanta, DC, Philly, Chicago, Houston, Boston, Dallas, New York, Detroit and Los Angeles have enjoyed access to free items like infant formula, swings, bouncers, strollers, toys, clothing, zoo tickets and more. Of course Freepeats is an easy way to pass on items you're finished with, too.


Phoenix-area, Minneapolis-area, and L.A.-area residents who join by April 30 get free lifetime Freepeats Membership. Join after April 30 and a one-time $4.95 fee gets you in for good. To join one of these new forums or any of the ones that are already open, go to Freepeats.org. Oh, and if you joined one of the other forums when it was free, you'll never be asked to pay. Ever.


Next month, Freepeats opens in Seattle, Nashville and Cleveland. We're bringing Freepeats to at least two dozen more cities this year. We're basing launch decisions on the interest we perceive, so if you want to help bring Freepeats to your town, fill out this form if you haven't already done so. We're keeping a tally of the responses we get from each city. We'll also use the info to notify you when your forum launches.

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I just went to Wal-mart and in their baby section, they had a whole bunch of newborn toys on clearance as well as diapers and formula. I know this kinda stuff varies by store, but I've been finding that kinda thing a lot around here so you may find something. It's usually hidden at the end of an isle or at the back of the shelf kinda thing.
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