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Baby Idol Contest

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So, I entered my daughter in the Baby Idol contest that our local radio is having. The prize is $2000 cash plus $500 savings bonds!


I know it's a long shot, but if we could somehow win that would be awesome!


Here's the link:





Voting is supposed to start tomorrow, my daughter is in Gallery 9 (Noah - Seth) and is contestant #355 - Samira. (photo 35 out of 40 in gallery 9)


You can vote once per day per email (if I read the rules right).


There are going to be 4 rounds of voting so, I'm calling on all of you for any help you can give me! :D


Here's the picture:


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Guest JustMeDiana

I voted. I think. Did I have to put my e-mail in or anything, because they didn't ask for it? I want to make sure I did it right.

same here

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