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Toysrus.com has Word Whammer for $9.99


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We bought it for twenty about two years ago -- my kids play with it every day. It was awesome to see him learn the words quickly from it.


We got the basic alphabet one as a gift when he was a year or so old. And we still use it too. BTW they do sell as set of lowercase letters too.


A girl I know had a 5 year old that still did not know how to say his ABC's. I told her to get the ABC one and within two days he had them down pat.

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Thank you SOOOOO much OP!!!! I've been looking for this at a lower price for MONTHS...this is perfect!!! I called my local store and they have it for $9.99 in store!! They had one left and they are holding it for us :) I'm so freaking excited right now, I LOVE YOU OP!!!
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