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Disney's Leap Year Sale - Multiple Discounts!!!


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19% off of swim shop, toys/plush, role play

29% off of kids apparel, adults apparel, home collection



today only!






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I have had really good experience with their CS, and then I have had real frustrating one too.


They wouldnt help me in anyway with the toy that I got from a store, which turned out to be defective. They outright refused to do anything other than check if its available online. And of course I would have to pay shipping or order $50 woth to get shipping for $5.

I was really mad.

But then I have had good experience when i ordered something online and it had a blade cut right in the front, and i called and told them and they sent me another one the very next day and did not even ask me to send the other one back.


I think it also depends on what mood the CS is in.

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