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3 Pants and keychain $9.65 shipped


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3 Pants and keychain $9.65 shipped


Choose 3 pairs of pants at 19.99 each and a key chain for 8.99.


Use coupon code 6070 ($20 each pair of pants WYB 3)


Shipping is Free for a limited time. (It will calculate it on the final page, before you enter your billing info)


The keychain is just a filler, as your total needs to be at least $60 to use the above code.


There are several pants to choose from




The keychains




**EDIT: Sizing is very odd, please be sure to check the sizing chart on the site to see what size you are. I had no idea that I was actually a size .5

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wow - thanks!! $11.62 total shipped for 3 pairs of pants and 1 nice pair of earrings. :) I had to order 2 of the same pant since there was only one style in my size, but I can always just donate them. Hopefully I did calculate the sizing right but if not, I still have a nice pair of earrings and can donate the other pairs too. great find!!!
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Wow great post.... I got 3 pairs of pants - and a strange owl charm for 11 shipped....

The pants were 68 each originally - now 19.99.


Sizes were fairly limited and someone pulled a pair of pants out of my cart before I could check out...(well while I was searching for a filler item)....

more super small size than larger (regular) sizes it seemed - sort of like your standard clearance racks..:) - trying hard not to tick anyone off here

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Apparently now they have changed their website to say the pants must be full price and some people's orders have been cancelled. Did this happen to anyone? Hopefully they will honor the orders that went through before they changed the offer terms. I can't check my order status unfortunately because they require you to have an account to find that out online and I don't want to call them...
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I got an email today cancelling the order with the following info :(



We have cancelled this order because the coupon code utilized is only valid with the purchase of regular priced pants or jeans. The order did not meet the qualification criteria for the coupon code as it included sale pants or jeans. The disclaimer for this offer is detailed below and is also available on our homepage.


Offer Details:

*Regular priced pants and jeans only. For one-time use only. One coupon per customer. Coupon valid in Chico's boutiques, by toll-free phone at 888.855.4986 and online at chicos.com. Please provide discount code 6057 when purchasing 1 pant or jean to receive $10 savings. Please provide discount code 6078 when purchasing 2 pants or jeans to receive $15 off each pant or jean. Please provide discount code 6070 when purchasing 3 pants or jeans to receive $20 off each pant or jean. Discount will be taken off your entire purchase when ordering online or by phone. When ordering more then 3 pants or jeans online, please visit one of our Chico's boutiques or contact us toll-free at 888.855.4986 for further assistance. Discount applies to merchandise only. Gift card purchases, taxes and shipping and handling will not be discounted. Not valid for cash. No adjustment on previous purchases. May not be combined with any other coupon. Coupon may be used only by the person to whom it was issued. This coupon is not valid if reproduced or sold. ©2008 CRS, Inc. All rights reserved. Must be redeemed by 03/17/08


If you would like to continue with the purchase of pants, jeans, or any other items on your original order, please contact us at 888-855-4986 or online at [email protected].



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