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Engagement ring


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I am looking for an engagement ring for my friend's son (who is in the Army and getting ready to ship to Iraq) to give to his girlfriend. She has found one that she liked but they can't find it anywhere. It has a round diamond and the ring itself is camouflage. I tried to put the picture of it on here but didn't know how to do it. He is leaving for Iraq next month and he wants to get the ring to give to her before he goes. Please help me find it!!

Thanks in advance

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do you have the picture saved on your computer? if you do:


1. reply to the post (in the advanced reply, not the quick reply at the bottom of the thread)

2. scroll down to where it says "attach files"

3. click on "manage attachments"

4. a little screen will pop up. click on "browse"

5. search for the image on your computer. double click on it.

6. on the pop up screen, click "upload"

7. the file will be uploaded to the website.

8. you can close the pop up screen. now under "attach files" it should have the name of the file.

9. press "submit reply" below all the options, attach files, etc.

10. the image should then show up in your post as "attached thumbnails" and we can also click on it to enlarge the picture.



if the image is on the internet, please give us the link to the website so that we can see it.

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