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Homemade Double-Wall Floater Glass [Gingerbread theme] .20¢ at Kohls.com. Was $4.99


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Homemade Double-Wall Floater Glass .20¢ at Kohls.com. Orig. $4.99

Shipping is .99¢ per item.





Homemade Acrylic Highball Glass $1.00, Orig. $4.99.





You can combine these 2 codes if you do not have a Kohl's card

NEW6919 10% off and MVCHOME15 15% off I have tested this combination and it works.


You can combine 2 of these codes if you have a Kohl's card MVCCHARGE15 15% off, MVCHOME15 15% off, or MVC9505 free shipping. Not tested

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I just bought 8 of the floater glasses for $1.43 total. I used the free shipping code MVC9595 and a 15% off code MVCHARGE15 with my Kohls charge card.


If 15% off is less than the 99 cent shipping costs, it's better to use a free shipping code and a 15 % off code - instead of two 15% off codes.

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