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Cocktail dress.....


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My DD has a Valentines dance next month and we are going on a cruise in April. She needs a dress. It's not a formal dance, so the girls will be wearing what I call a cocktail dress. Dressy and above the knee.


Anybody know of any places on-line to find something like that? I have googled a few times under cheap dresses, prom, cocktail dress ect..but the prices were outrageous.


Thank you :D


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We've always gone to the Deb shop in the mall. Their clearance deals can get really good...DD got her homecoming dress there this year for $7 :D They'll probably have a ton of dressy stuff on clearance soon since the holidays are over and Prom season doesn't start for a bit.
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I hav gotten several beautiful formal/cocktail gowns/dresses on ebay in he past. One I

only paid 99 cents for with free shipping :yup:


I got a gorgeous black, knee length, beaded gown for $20 and I got lots of compliments too.

BTW, it was new with tags, iirc the price tag was $200ish.


Good Luck but I highly recommend ebay for things like this..I even got matching evening

bags cheap too


We also got my DS's tux from ebay..it included EVERYTHING..from shoes to cufflinks to

3 cumberbunds for $99..there are several tux rental companies that sell them off every

season. He wore it to 3 different proms and 2 cruises...talk about getting your moneys


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Check Coldwater Creek online, They have some pretty dresses that I think are nice and not too mature for her. They even have some for $9.99, maybe you will find a dress for the cruise too!


I feel her pain with chest size. I was a 34B at 13 and then a 36D and size 0 waist at 15:fluffy:


Good luck with dress shopping!




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White House Black Market has some cute shoes and accessories on sale and some cute dresses that are under $55.00


Code for $20 off a $80 purchase 8531

Code for 10% off 8543

The coupons aren't stackable


Shoes and Accessories







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Kohls has a good selection of dresses that might be appropriate for your daughter. You can check Juniors, and also the Daisy Fuentes line. I got a really nice black dress from the Daisy Fuentes line for $30, and I get so many compliments on it. They also now carry the Elle line.


Also, if you have a Jessica McClintock outlet nearby, they have really great deals on dresses. I got 2 really nice dresses from there a few years ago for $25 apiece.

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We went shopping yesterday:D I went to Catherines and got 2 dresses for the cruise for $42. Not an easy feat for a plus sized lady :tongue1:


Next door was the Dress Barn (what an obnoxious name) and my dd found a beautiful satin ruby red dress. It's just above the knee and has black velvet flowers here and there. It has an Asian look to it. With all the % off and the sale, I paid $20 for it and it was a $90 dress :D


At JcPenney she got a $110 black halter pant suit for $29 :D That will be for the cruise. It looks so nice on her. Both outfits don't accentuate her large bust, which is great!! The outfits are very flattering on her and very cheap :tongue1:!!!!!!!


We did bookmark some of those sites though- they have some great prices :)


Thanks again:)


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