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American Eagle 20% off w/aerie purchase


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Code: 38072587

Discount: 20% off when you buy atleast one thing from aerie! valid 12/26-1/31



All Jeans on sale. I added a clearance aerie bra 4444-0318, it gave me free shipping and 20% off. The AE Loose Fit Jeans reg $24.50 on sale with discount $19.60, can't buy Levis for that price. 0112-2189 AE Loose Fit Jean Light Classic Wash $24.50-20%= $19.60


I had trouble with the code last night, but this morning it is working great :)

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Just tried this and added an aerie sweatshirt. Gave me 20% off but still had to pay for shipping. I tried the bra and it did give free shipping but I don't need a bra so I guess I'll wait and see if they have free shipping in the next week. Thanks anyways
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