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Walgreens Rebate Deal (up to $10) on select Walgreens brand items


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In January's Rebate Catalog, you can get a rebate of up to $10 by purchasing certain Walgreens brand items. It is rebate item #13 in the catalog.


Anyway, if you buy three items you will get a $5 rebate and for 5 items you get a $10 rebate.


The hand sanitizer was on sale 2/$2.99 (or 1 for $1.99)

The tissues are $1.79

Wal-phed is $2.99

Cough drops are 2/$3 (or 1 for 1.99 I think)


Those were the best deals. So, depending on how you combine the items, you could make money on this deal. :) I pretty much broke even because I needed some cold medicine and tissues anyway. I also got 2 of the hand sanitizers.


I think my total for 5 items was $9.58.


I am sure you guys will figure out how to get the best bang for your buck on this one. :)

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Since you shop walgreens anyway, did you know if you get your rebate put on a walgreens gift card you get a 10% bonus? I do the rebates every month and get it put on a gift card then use it the following month to buy more rebate stuff. It works out really great. Last month I had over $50 in rebates!!!
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I wish the rebate would just print out on the receipt like CVS ECB's. It is just too easy to forget to send in the rebate and last time I sent in for a rebate on an alarm clock, I never received it. I think WAGS has many customers who just forget or don't bother to send in for rebates.
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