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Toy hits and flops of 07'


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Nope, we have not gotten the light to work at all. :(

Well, that just totally stinks. I was thinking maybe you just needed to open the diaphragm to let more light up to the stage but if there is no light at all, it blows that theory.:no: I think I'd go with the return and start over with a different brand.

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Little People are going strong here! A week later and they (DD4, DD2, and DS1) are still fighting over them. They have LP camping set, LP pet shop (not as exciting), and Dora's Travel and Care Pony Trailer. Also have 2 small LP sets and Diego with his elephant. Kids are having a great time - just don't try to walk in my living room!


Surpise Hit - a gift card we were supposed to use for "something for the family." I turned it into a sled. DDs can't get enough!

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I bought it for my niece (20 months) and she likes it and her sisters will push her on it, but she can't get it to inch either. If you push down on it, you can see that it would inch...but I'm not sure kids weigh enough to push down that hard. Its DARN cute though.


I agree. My 4 year old daughter was able to work it. It's supposed to be for a little one but I would say it's for a little one who is over 3 or so.

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Bratz Mansion, all the "girls" gather here, Bratz, bratz kids, bratz babies, Barbie, and all 4 Cheetah girls, LOL. Kind of a bummer it doesnt come with more furnishing, but we are planning on making our own, and keeping an eye out at the stores for things of the right size. After you get the stickers in place, there are some large pieces left over, we are going to use to "veneer" a table top and chairs, using thick cardboard.


All the Bratz and Cheetah girl dolls


Board games, Boo Who, Runaway Log, Twister, Bug Hunt


Bratz Glamour makeover dolls


Game boy advance games



Domino set, not even opened yet


Girl Crush streak and style

Made very cheaply! The lighter colors arent bad, but I agreed to let her do my hair, and she got one streak of very dark hot pink in the front of my hair done before she got too tired (THANK GOD-blue was next) and the color is STILL in my hair, 6 washes later!! Good thing I have a sense of humor!

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Guitar Hero Wii -- thanks to my nephew who works at a game store and told me when they got a shipment in

DDR Wii -- luck of the last one at Walmart

Sony Photo Printer -- clearance at Staples

Iflop Penguin



Itunes gift card -- has a Creative Zen so she uses Walmart downloads (and we haven't been able to re-gift yet)

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8 year old -- she loved her roller skates, but she LOVED her webkinz. and her moonsand.

she hasn't really read her books yet, but i am sure she will. she got some library books she has been wanting to re read.


2 year old-- it is so funny watching a small child open presents. ashley would get so excited and say "I love it!" over everything! LOL! got her an easylink which she loves. she keeps saying 'tickle elmo!" she likes to take the figures and play with them as well.


now i really got the hubby. that is always my goal btw. got him a playstation 2, which was not the xbox 360 he would like, but who can afford that! besides, i would rather have the wii. but that is besides the point. i totally got him! LOL! he was very surprised and is enjoying his shoot em up games. and i am looking for educational and kids games for the kiddies to play. but i am still holding out hope for a wii. LOL!


thanks for all the great deals everyone. i wouldn't have been able to get such awesome stuff for people were it not for this site.

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