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Have You Seen These Boots???


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Ordered from Victorias Secret for my 11yo daughter for Xmas before they screwed me and told me they oversold and I won't be getting them. (11 days after placing my order!)


These were the #1 thing on her list so any help in finding a pair before Christmas (Santa works miracles...or so I'm told) is greatly appreciated. She'd like a tan pair in a size 5.



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I tried to see if they were on the site at all and they aren't. On your original confirmation email, did it say what brand they are? If not, I'd call them and ask for the brand and tell them you need them for Christmas and are going to have to search for them elsewhere now. Once you have a brand, and even the style if you can find it, you can try a search on the brand of boot. I'd try zappos.com once you have the brand, they have overnight shipping through the 23rd. Good luck! They are very cute boots.
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Do a search on Ebay for girls faux fur boots. There's a pink pair size 5.


Edited to say:

Just reread your post and she wants a tan pair....SORRY!! I did an online search and haven't found

any. I'll look while I'm out shopping and if I see any...I'll post which store. Good Luck!

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They are made by Collin Stuart (a VS exclusive brand as I understand it). We are searching everywhere, but honestly at this late in the game I VERY hesitant to order online again. I called Saks Fifth Ave (per previous post) and they don't have those boots in stock. Still searching high and low locally and hoping for a Christmas Miracle.



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To give you an update -

VS offered me a $25 gc for my "trouble". Whatever to that...we wanted the boots.

Ordered a pair of boots from Zappos.com that looked nothing like them just to have something for my daughter. Got those in about 36 hours from ordering time...nice!


Saturday morning I got an email from VS about my shipment confirmation? Checked and it was the boots they said didn't exist anymore being shipped Next Day Air via UPS which they also said was impossible. Delivery was estimated for Xmas Eve (Monday). My boss was working that day so I asked him to sign for them and call me when they arrived. He waited til 1pm and no sign of UPS. I called and UPS driver skipped our office and put in to the computer - Closed for the holiday! OMG...was I mad at UPS! I spent all day on the phone with them and finally after much arguing and debate UPS came back out and delivered the boots to me at 7pm Xmas Eve.


We gave our daughter both pairs of boots. She said the ones we picked out were "God Awful!" but screamed hysterically when she opened her coveted VS boots which made it all worthwhile.


I know my daughter is not 6 years old and she didn't ask for the Butterscotch Pony but to her these boots were that pony to a 6 year old. So in my opinion her Xmas would have been ruined if she hadn't gotten the boots but we got them so all is well.


I still won't order from VS online again. I'll stick to the stores where I can come home with my purchase that day instead of relying on a company who's warehouse must be utter chaos and a shipping company who was too lazy to stop at a designated stop.

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