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Dish Network - get Cinemax for 1 Year for 1 Cent


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I still can't figure out why some people were able to get this Cinemax 1¢ deal for 2 years while I was told it was for only one year. Do you suppose it all depends on who you talk too when you phone? Also, does anyone know why this Cinemax 1¢ deal is not being advertised by them? I would think a deal like this is going to bring in thousands of new customers but unless a person knows of gottadeal.com they would not even have heard about it.

I had a chat with customer service yesterday and he say that after the first year it would renew automatically for another cent.


Also spanish is my first language that's why I always call the spanish customer service and I think that the majority of them speak also speak english so that's an option. I prefer to do everything with online chat. they told me I needed to sign in my account and sign up for autopay and paperless billing then got to the chat again to get the 1 cent promotion.


any idea on when this would end?

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I have dish network and even though i love the service i will never give them my info for autopay, there customer service is the worst i have ever seen. It took me 6 months to get my $45 off my service that i signed up for, i sent out the rebate forms 4 times and each time they never received them, one of them i even had delivery confirmation for and they still said they didnt get it. Finally after 6 months or so they said it was processed, well im out that $45 a month extra i paid for 6 months that i was not supposed to be paying.


Either way i think im done with them after my 18 month commitment is up even though i like there service.

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IMHO...dish netword SUCKS


Sorry to be so negative, but I had a bad, bad experience with them. Do NOT get dish if you think you may possibly, remotely have a chance of having to cancel before you contract is up....it is one BIG headache!!!

i have had dish network for 12 years no problems so far.

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