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Corningware 9-piece set $14.99 - Amazon.com


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Thank you! I just purchased 4 to use for wedding presents.


I would really like to do that to, but the first wedding I have is in June or July and my dh hates it when I buy things to store. I'm trying to think how I could get it and keep it hidden without forgetting I have it. ;)

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Well I had ordered 3 sets. One set was A-OK. The second set the oval 1.5 qt dish was broken. The third, I guess the box was so damaged that UPS would't even leae it and are sending it back. I talked to Amazon and asked for a partial refund on the broken instead of risking a shipment breakage again, they gave me $2...not bad, 20% off I guess. Then I will get a full refund for the rest.
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