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Fannie May Gift Card w/Free # Deal


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They have a small box of chocolates, 5 oz for 6.99 and with the free shipping it would be 1.99. I ended up getting the 1 lb. peanut brittle for 9.99 and got the $5 off. I was going to do the free shipping and put in the wrong code and it came up with the free lb of chocolates again but not free shipping. I chose to get another box of chocolates for free and pay the $6.95 shipping. So with my original order of the gift card and this order, I've paid $16.95 for a 2 boxes of chocolates and a pound of peanut brittle. LOL I guess I better share all of this candy, don't you think?
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Oh man I feel your pain....I'd hate it if my space bar was broken.....just think, I'm sure someone can find you a great deal on one;)...LOL



Merry Christmas



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