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Playstation 3 deals?


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It looks like I'm forgoing the Wii and XBox 360 to get a Playstation 3. Anyone seeing any good deals out there on them? I figured this weekend's ads would be the last big push, so something might come up there with getting free stuff to go with it. But just in case anyone has seen a good deal online, I thought I would check.


Right now, I'm looking at the 40GB version (with spiderman 3) for $399.


As far as games. I would like guitar hero III and lego star wars. Total outlay around $500, I wouldn't want to spend too much more than that.


Thank you in advance.

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They're all still doing the 5 free blue-ray DVDs, even if they are older movies mostly. I was looking for some free stuff to go along with my purchase. Of course, I wasn't looking at the PS3 when Amazon did their first day of deals. That was the free remote and some game I'd never heard of before (along with the 5 free blue-ray dvds).


Oh well, still trying!

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We currently own an XBox, so I'm not concerned about PS2 games. I want all the new technology, not extra crud (technology) to make sure old games can play on a new system. Let's move forward, not keep reliving the past!


Aye, Cannon1, that was what I've been looking for. If I had decided on which system earlier, I'd be a happy camper, but since I didn't, I'm patiently waiting.

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