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Heeleys on sale @ amazon w/fs (PM to zappos)


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How to PM to Zappos

Call Zappos and let them know that there is a pair of shoes you are interested in buying from their site, but have found the same shoes for less on another site, and would like to do a price match.


You will need to provide the Zappos rep with their item's sku# and the website with the better price. Best bet to help them find the right amazon item s to give them the ASIN to search (found under product details on the amazon page).


All of the following must match: Designer/Brand; Style; Color; Size


And the shoes must be available for order at both sites.


They also automatically upgrade you to 1 day shipping. Shoes ordered this morning should arrive tomorrow.


How to Figure Out Your New Price

Zappos price matches at 110%. (Meaning, Zappos will discount you 110% of the difference between their price and the amazon price.)


1. Find the difference between the Zappos price and the Amazon price.

2. Add 10%

3. Subtract that amount from the Zappos price.


Example: using Zappos price = $50 and Amazon price $10.

1. $50-$10 = $40

2. + 10% (of $40) = $44

3. $50-$44 = $6 ... $6 would be your PM'd price from Zappos.

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okay, i'm confused. the pair at amazon is 39.99, zappos is 68.95. I just called, and they were going to be $42. If my calculations are correct, they should be 11.04. What am I doing wrong?


It would not be 11.04 Doing the math in my head (assuming I did it right) it would be an additional 10% off of the difference, not the total price. It would roughly be $3.00 cheaper than amazon, plus your shipping. So, it would be about 36.99 plus shipping.

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Okay, so if these were pricematched somewhere, what's the lowest you could get these for?


Heelys Youth Escape Skate Shoe


List Price: $79.95

Price: $28.90

FREE with Super Saver Shipping



I came up with $25.30 at zappos and $24.24 at shoes.com. Do you have to buy them at full price first and then get the refund?
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Zappos will give you the lower price up front as long as they can verify the price online (and that it is in stock in the same color/size). Call them and once they adjust the price you give them your cc info and place the order over the phone. They are VERY easy to deal with. The few times I've called for a price match they actually sounded happy for me. LOL


nlschr0: Why not just buy one from zappos and one from amazon? The amazon price isn't bad.

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ahhhhhh u just reminded me that i got my son a pair last yr in the closet and santa for got to give them this yr ..grrrr gonna have to wrap and hide under the tree so he thinks we just didnt see them lol.. hahahah now to go order a pair for next yr lol
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