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Looking for a deal on a 17" laptop

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Office Depot: Toshiba P205D-S438 is AMD x2, 17" for $600. Looks fine, but as always, I would upgrade it to 2GB of ram.

I will keep looking for other deals. Any more details you want to add? at 17" w/ and X2, and under $700 does slim things down a bit if you want something decent, but did not know if there was any other determining factor for you.

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are you in an area with a fry's? they had one for 699 (but with a 50 dollar mail in rebate) in the southern california newspapers today. HP. fairly sure it's x2, i think it's the same one my dad just bought my sister. it comes with only 1GB though, so you'd have to upgrade to 2GB.
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