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Kohl's friends and family 15% off pass


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:Dawesome!! Thought i was done for christmas, but withall the great on-line deals & in-store coupons and savings, I am able to get the kids and DH a couple more really nice things!!! Awesome and thanks for realizing the value stretching a dollar...:D:D
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You can use this pass along with the 50% + 15% additional off today only! (12/15) So on most items in the store you're saving $50+15%+ another 15% with this coupon - I saved a BOATLOAD of money by going yesterday,THEN I handed the pass to another lady and she had a LOT of stuff and was thrilled. Got LOTS of nice things for $171.00 :cheesy: THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Here's what I got (also used $30 Kohl's cash):


1 down comforter

Huge area rug, reg. price $129

1 pair Levi's carpenter jeans

3 toddler's zip up Mudd hoodies...SOOOO cute!!!

1 nice dressy flannel shirt (men's)

A crayola gift set

A huge radio-controlled monster truck

2 snowman pillows

1 pair of CZ silver earrings

1 pair of adidas jogging pants (women's)

1 pair of barrow and croft khaki pants (women's)


These were all gifts except for the khaki pants. I LOVE KOHL'S!

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