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Barnes and Noble 10% off from Toyota Owners Online


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I received this in my inbox today. The link goes to a special B&N page that gives you the 10% discount.


Good thru Dec 13th.


Happy Holidays, everyone!


Note: I cannot post the link because this is my first thread. If anyone has a suggestion, I would be happy to comply.


Thanks, very much!

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I was speaking with shelltops seems like they cant get post the link because its in an email...


I'm not really sure what they are talking about.... shelltops work with us here...LoL

i think it's because she doesn't have enough posts yet to pop the link on here. i'm thinking she'll run into the same problem if she tries to pm someone.


however. i think if you were to pm her your email address she could fwd the discount details to you that way. and then you could post it up here for her.



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