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Once again impressed

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I got to Toys R Us at 6 am this morning. I was 6th in line for a Wii. I got one and am so excited. But I am sooo impressed by the way my store handled things this morning. The manager came out at about 6:45 am (8 am opening) with papers. One the papers was a list of things wii console, acessories, and games. The started handing out the papers to those of us in line. Told us the paper was our ticket for the wii. Asked us to write our name at the top and to check off the items that wanted. They also took time to explain the games, acessories, warrenties, or answer any questions we had. They then took the papers back, went inside and gathered everything together. So all our stuff was together and waiting behind the countner (with your name on it) when they opened. If you wanted something not on the list you could grab it before you went to the check out. I was very impressed with their system of doing things today and also on black friday. Toys R Us gets an A in my book and gained a loyal costumer. :)
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