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Ok.. I know this is odd..

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Ok, so this is going to sound random, and quite odd.:yup:


I need to find some sort of spoon that can be engraved... I prefer it to be a little spoon.


The meaning behind it--- My boyfriend goes away on business quite often with his boss to trade shows, and they always share the same hotel room (but different beds). It is the running joke w/ me and the bosses wife that during certain times of the year the guys spend more nights together then we get to. So they joke about my boyfriend being the big spoon, and his boss being the little spoon (as in cuddling). So... we want to get a little spoon engraved with a slogan from their work. Where can I find something like this???? :tongue1:

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I looked online at Things Remembered... they do have a child silverware set.. but it has teddy bears on it. Oh well, we will see. Let me know if anyone knows of another place.

Thanks so much!


The item you have engraved does not have to be purchased at Things Remembered. You can purchase just a single spoon from anywhere (for example, DD was given a nice kate spade set when she was born - no teddybears) and bring it in. Things Remembered will just have you sign a form stating that they are not responsible for replacing the item in the event that it's damaged (say misspelling).


Also, a lot of jeweler's will do engravings. Expect to pay $15 and up depending on the amount of characters you get done. I had 3 large letters (sBe) engraved on a coin recently and it cost me $22.

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