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Any differences between the Leapster L-Max games and the regular ones?

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L-Max games play on your TV. But they also play on the Leapster, just like on the L-Max Leapster. When we first bought the L-Max, I used to obsess over whether the games I bought were L-Max, but after the initial thrill of TV-game-playing wore off, my daughter never uses the TV feature of her L-Max anymore anyway, so I just buy games and don't even check to see whether they're L-Max or not. They all work on the Leapster, so it doesn't matter (I wish I hadn't spent the extra $$ for the L-Max....:)
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I also purchased the L-Max leapster for my granddaughter but thanks to this board and the advise I returned it and purchased the leapster that came with a game for $30 less than the L-Max system alone. Walmart had the special purchase leapsters with game in a different area than the leapster products. My granddaughter has the leapster that only hooks to the tv and she doesn't use it so I know she will use this system.
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