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magnavox doorbuster dvd player


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FYI Magnavox is made by Funai which also makes Emerson. In my opinion,emerson is junk.

I was going to post that last night but I bit my tongue and ignored it. BTW, its not all Maganavox's, just most of the ones WalMart carries currently. Currently, that's all set-top DVD players and recorders and tube TV's. the portable DVD players are made by Initial (or Venturer?).


The LCD TV's however are in fact from Philips, which owns the brand.


Funai: Funai, Sylvania, Symphonic, SV2000, Emerson, some ILO and Durabrand (WalMart), some Magnavox... probably others. They are an OEM primarily, so many of the brands they make are simply licensed products. If you want a *real* Emerson TV you can get a Spongebob set from the toys department. :-)

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