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Walmart.com Black Friday Deals Available Now! Hurry! [NOW ONLINE!]


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Hi, this is my first post! I'm posting here, because it pertains to Walmart, and the online BF ad. Is anyone here going to be ordering either of the printer sin the ad? Either the Lexmark all-in-one for $25, or the HP Deskjet for $34? I'm having a hard decision on which one to order. And, if I should do it online ~ or just go the store shortly after it opens (I'm not one that doe's well w/BF crowds upon opening). If I went to the store I would probably hit it at around 9 am or so. I saw at Walmart.com that the Lexmark will be avail. on line.


I have never had either a Lexmark or HP printer. Usually a Epson, so I'm not sure on the reliablity of either of these! But, it seems like a great price! Thanks all, (by the way this is a super site!)

I think the HP is better, it prints 22pm than Lexmark I believe it only 17 ppm. Either one is still a very good deal.

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