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My LCD's


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This year I'm buying and LCD Monitor regardless of if I can get one for BF or not. Anyway, I was looking at quite a few monitors and here are the BF ones I found.


From CC

Acer 22" Widescreen Monitor... $169.99 after MIR


From Target

This one I like the best as there are less merchants here and more parents lol

Westinghouse 22" LCD Widescreen Monitor... $167 OTD <-- Prefered


From BB

Samsung 22" LCD Widescreen Monitor... $199.99 OTD

Envision 22" LCD Widescreen Monitor... $149.99 OTD


Okay, so which one would I have the best chance of getting? I can personally care less which one it is, as long at is it at/over 22" I'm happy:D. I'm a bit new to Target so do they do tickets? Which one would you recommend I get? What time would I need to be there at (I live in Pittsburgh by the way)? I would prefer the Target one more then any.


Thanks for your help.

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