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Official Non-Woot "Deal-a-Day" Sites Deal & Discussion Thread


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A package was shipped to you on 10/24/2007 via U.S. Postal Service

First-Class to the following address:


Name and Address appears here


The following optional services were used: None


The package's Delivery Confirmation ID is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX



Looks like mine is on its way too!!!! I will post as soon as it arrives! I feel like a kid waiting on Santa....lol


Oh I checked the status and it only weights 8oz.

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When you click the tracking link it'll tell you how much it weighs.


Package ID xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Destination Address xxxxxxxxxx

Mail Class First Class Parcel

Delivery Confirmation

Weight 8 Oz.


Package Status We do not currently have any tracking information for this shipment yet, please try back at a later time.

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