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Official Non-Woot "Deal-a-Day" Sites Deal & Discussion Thread


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Family 1saleaday Mini Drum Set







$4.99 Ground Shipping

$24.98 Total


Miniature Jazz Drum Set With Bass Drum and Pedal, 2 Side Drums, Drumsticks, Cymbal and Stool


Retail Price: $79.99

Savings: (76 %) $60.00

Our Price: $19.99


Top Five Reasons Why the Mini Jazz Drum Set is Awesome!


5. Kids can rock out and impress friends, family, crushes, professional drummers and record executives.


4. President Barack Obama has one in the White House and plays it regularly! (Just kidding- Biden does, though. ;-) )


3. You can jam along to your favorite tunes- it's kinda like being Katy Perry, Jay-Z or Rhianna's personal drummer!


2. It's for ages 3 and up, so everyone from a toddler up to Grandpa Frank can use them!


1. At such an affordable price, you can get one for every member of your family- yes, even Grandpa Frank!


Features Include:


Rock ‘n roll design

Bass drum with pedal

2 Side drums

Cymbal and drumsticks

Stool included

Sized for future rockers

Ages 3 and up

Package Includes:

Bass Drum with Pedal, 2 Side Drums, Cymbal, Drumsticks, Stool

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Decent Stocking Stuffer


Sharper Image Mini Portable Camcorder With 2.5" LCD Display, Built-In Microphone, Multimedia, Games, FM Radio, PC Webcam & More!


Retail Price: $179.99

Savings: (89 %) $160.00

Our Price: $19.99


Features Include:


2.5" LCD display

Auto-focus lens

Doubles as a digital camera

Built-in microphone

PC webcam

MP3 music playback and MP4 video playback

FM radio

Calendar and E-book functions

Includes games

Rechargeable battery

Built-in 128MB memory

Expandable up to 4GB (memory card not included)

Package Includes:


Camcorder, USB Extension Cable, AC Power Charger, Earbuds, Pouch, Wrist Strap & Warranty

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For all the Ernest fans out there :gdstooges:



Retail Price: $14.99

Savings: (93%) -$14.00



4.99 shipping

Essential Ernest DVD Collection Including 6 Classic Earnest Hits (DVD Set)!




Comprised of the Ultimate Ernest and Maximum Ernest DVD sets, this collection showcases the finest stints of Ernest P. Worrell. If you’ve forgotten how much fun his character is – these DVDs will quickly remind you by revisiting his old commercials, TV shows, and movies. Want to laugh even harder? There’s bonus outtakes and behind the scenes footage included!


Follow Ernest in all his troublesome travails. From Africa to the army to hilarious 80’s commercials, this collection is unbeatable. Know whut I mean?


Set Includes:


Ernest Goes to Africa

Ernest’s Greatest Hits I

Ernest’s Greatest Hits II

Ernest in the Army

Hey Vern! It’s My Family Album

Your World As I See It

Condition: Brand New

Warranty: 1 Year

Packaging: Retail

Manufacturer: Mill Creek Entertainment

Model: B000EOOVMA

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LINK @ tanga.com





+ $4.99 shipping


Suggested Retail $79.95


Tanga Savings $49.96 (62%!)


Viore HDMI 1080p DVD Player

Brand New and Ready to Upconvert Your DVDs


"How about a brand new, Viore DVD player to put under the Christmas tree this year? With full-HD resolution and the ability to upconvert your existing DVD collection, this player will make all of your old DVDs come alive again on your HD TV!


Just plug in the HDMI cable to the back of your TV and you are off and running. Don’t have an HDMI input on your TV? That’s ok too! Just use the component outputs to attach this to pretty much any TV set out there.


Happy Holidays!"

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Zombie Survival Kit - The Prepared Survive!


$19.99 - (save 67 %)

(+ $5 s/h)


The undead will rise up... don't be caught off guard.


Zombie Survival Kit - The Prepared Survive!

Whether you think Zombies are vicious, flesh eating, blood drinking monsters; or that they just want a hug, don't wind up one of them! This Zombie Survival Kit will make sure you have the tools and resources available and within reach to mount your defense against the undead!


The kit will include many items. Below is a list of the main items. Your kit will include all, most of, or even more than what is listed below.


NOTE: This kit is not a child's toy. These items are real (and can be dangerous), so use caution when fighting off the undead!


Zombie Survival Duffel Bag (Guaranteed)



Safety Goggles

Bio-hazard Bags

Slingshot with Ammo

Energy Shots



Knife - Pocket, Throwing etc.




Zombie Insult Sheet

Latex Gloves

Surgical Mask

Mixed Survival Tools


Emergency Blanket

Survival & Item Use Guide

Head Lamp

Glow Sticks

Other "Goodies"



In addition, you may add empty Zombie Survival Kit duffel bags to your order at checkout if you wish to create your own.


Remember, the prepared survive!




Note: These kits are assembled for you 1 by 1. They will take additional time to ship, but well in time for the zombie uprising.


Note 2: This kit is put together for entertainment purposes only. Please use your common sense.


So, you want one?

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Ace Noise Reducing Comfort Wear Earbud Headphones


Today: $1 & Free Shipping - for this price, grab a few!

Retail Price: $29.99 - that seems a little questionable, but again, headphones for a $1 is a steal, imo, even if they don't last too long, so buy a few!



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Nintendo Wii Wireless Remote With Motion-Sensing Technology and Responsive Action Buttons


Now $9.99 Was $39.99


Features Include:


* Motion-sensitive technology senses your movements

* Responsive high-quality action buttons provide reliable control

* Sleek white design coordinates with the Wii

* Compatible with Wii MotionPlus and Nunchuk

* Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)


FWIW, I do NOT think this is a Nintendo branded one, it says: Manufacture: Sakar




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These are some deals off of Ebay Daily Deals:

Hannah Montana HHM1004 LCD Watch- Choose from 3 Styles!


Now $6.49 & Free Shipping


* Choose ONE of the 3 styles




Mickey or Minnie Mouse Women's Watch- Two Styles!


Now $9.99 & Free Shipping


Choose ONE of the 2 styles!




Philips In-Ear Headphones with Flexi-Grip Design BNIB


$4.99 & Free Shipping



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$3.99 1 year Free Shipping

Whole Living Magazine Subscription

Holistic Living at its Best





Please allow up to 10-14 weeks for the first issue to arrive


Whole Living, formerly New Age Journal, is one of America’ most respected magazines covering holistic living. Each issue includes an exciting and thoughtful mix of features, columns, and departments that help readers explore new discoveries in natural healing.


This subscription comes with 10 issues per year and you can order up to a 2-year subscription.

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This cute Angry Birds case is a fun match to the iPhone 4G - Hard back case provides excellent protection from scratches and dirt while offering easy access to buttons, controls and the touch screen - Cool Angry Birds image at back - A breeze to install - A smart dash of charming style to update your iPhone’s look - FREE of charge (shipping not included, one case per USA household); all we’d ask as thanks is a like on facebook and a positive nomorerack™ comment from you '>Fun, fabulous and FREE today! A totally adorable, and super smart Angry Birds Hard Back iPhone 4G Case!


FREE but $2 shipping cost

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