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External Hard Drives


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Can someone please tell me about a good external hard drive and what a good price would be? I realize this depends on storage size. My daughter wants one to store pictures. Okay, another question, what would be a good size? Thank you for any advice on this.
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I am partial to the Western Digital externals. I currently have a My Book that I picked up last year at Circuit City on Black Friday. I love their new WD Digital Passport external hard drives because they are sleek and look great.



Also being a girl I love them as well because they can fit in your purse when walking around campus if you want to take more than what will fit on your pin drive with you.


The drive displayed above is a 120 GB and is listed for $91.99 plus $6.19 for shipping. I know the local electronics retailers sell them as well.


All sizes and prices are found here: Link but I think the one above should be a good size for her.

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