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Any good sites for dvd movies?


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I still use blockbuster for used movies. 4 for $20 with 30 day guarantee. Cant go wrong :)

Now that you mention it, I wonder if they sell them on the website now that they have that thing where they mail movies and you return in the mail or exchange in store. Lots of movies..... Im off to their website. I will check back later.


I also like deepdiscount.com. great deals last year. Soon they should start with the holiday specials :yup:

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If you don't mind used DVDs .. try Half.com. They are part of Ebay, but you don't bid. It's a fixed price and the condition of the item is shown as well. The better condition the higher the price. I have been using them since their inception and have never had a problem.

And if you read the descriptions, sometimes they are brand-new still in the shrinkwrap.

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