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Best Buy Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) Program Facts and FAQ


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What is the PSA Program at Best Buy?


The PSA program is a special program at some Best Buy stores across the country. There trained BB employees help customers in shopping and gift buying with a personal touch. This includes emailing a want list to a PSA and the PSA will pull your items and all you have to do is check out when you get to the store.


Is the PSA program free?


Yes. Personal shoppers do accept tips.

Can I use the PSA program during Black Friday?


Yes and No. Some stores will shut down there PSA program during Black Friday weekend and others will open the PSA desk during BF.

How Can I sign up for PSA for Black Friday?


You must call your local BB that has a PSA desk and make an appointment. A BB corp memo went out Sept 1 stating that resverations for BF will start on Nov 2 2007.


How does the PSA program work on BF?


Some stores will make up there own rules so please check with your local BB store manager. In general what will happen is on Nov 2 2007 you will call your local PSA store and make an appointment. Then you will email your non-doorbuster want list to your PSA. On Thanksgiving day you will camp out in front of BB. After you got your tickets and after the doors open you will head to the PSA area. Most of the time it is located in the back of the store in the install bays. There you will give your PSA your tickets and he/she will pull your ticketed items. While she does that some stores will serve light breakfast and coffee to PSA customers. After your PSA pulls your items you will be checked out. After that you pull your 1977 Eldorado to the back and your PSA will load your car for you.


Do I have to stand in line and camp out for my ticketed/doorbuster items?


Yes! They will NOT pull ticketed/doorbuster items. They will pull other items that are not doorbusters. Items like memory, software, cables and stuff like that.

If they can't pull doorbuster items then why do it?


It saves you time. After the doors open at BB the average wait time to check out is 2 hours! Also it can give you a chance to eat and use the potty.


When can I sign up?


Nov 2 2007

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It is not listed on the site. You have to go into your local store and ask for it.

Ahhh...I guess I thought this was something they'd advertise.

SO in the BF ad they have a Fri & Sat TV deal, not a doorbuster,

but prob will sell out by noon. Will they pull this for me and I pick

it up when they open?

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I have seen so many people hyper and they see all the deals are sold out so they eventually buy something that can be bought on the internet for a cheaper price without the hassle. This is tactic most stores use on black friday. This is the point of black friday for stores to rip you off on certain things.
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