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JCPenney $10 Free Coupon


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Boy, I sure wish I could figure out how to get those again. I used to get them regularly and they stopped coming about 3 years ago when they sent me a JCP visa card out of the blue. I called them and told them I didn't want their visa and how dare they just assume and sent it to me. I told them to cancel it and just keep my regular JCP card. I've even tried using it this past year (I never used it and always had a zero balance before) to see if that would inspire them to send me a coupon, but nothing. I have "opted out" from their mailing junk and I think that might have killed it for me. Too bad!


Hope you have a good time shopping!

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Technically they don't accept scans but yes they will ring up if the cashier will take it. It's kinda like using expired coupons, if they cashier takes they will usually ring up but if the cashier catches it they can refuse to take it. I've never used a scanned coupon but I used to work in retail and I would see them from time to time. Most of the time I accepted them unless they were for the 10% discount when opening an account because we would get in trouble for using those. We never had to actually turn in most of the coupons since they were from the company, the only ones I remember having to turn in were the credit card discount ones. That's why a lot of stores that have coupons in their circular will just scan the same circular for customers without the coupon. I hope this helps!
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