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Canon Powershot S3 IS Digital Camera

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I already know I want this camera but I didnt know it until last Saturday. It was $307.88 on Amazon and on sunday it was $300.88 on amazon. I was gonna order it Monday and it went up to $313.88 now its $314.51. It just keeps going up. Do you think this camera will drop in price anytime soon? I thought maybe Canon had some new cameras coming out. I want the best deal I can get on this camera but waiting for the price to drop and it actually going up is making me wonder whats going on. Maybe $314 is a good price I dont know but seeing it for $300 Sunday now I want it for $300 :D


if anyone can find a really good deal on this camera let me know I am ready to buy.

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Also, Buy.com has it for fairl close to $300.. good luck. I have it, I LOVE it!



I just did research for a new camera over the weekend and decided on this one :D

buy.com charges me taxes so does newegg. I am gonna watch amazon til sunday and check the sales, then either buy it on amazon and hope the price drops in the next 30 days or just get it off JR.com for $314 and use google checkout to take off $10.

I cant wait to get it :D

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