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new program

We at SurveyRx® are committed to providing our panel of respondents the best service, because your opinions are valuable to us. In an effort to enhance our services, we are introducing the SurveyRx® Incentive Points Program ("SIPP"). These points are earned for participating in a survey and providing inputs on our Web site, www.surveyrx.com . SIPP is a program for collecting, maintaining and redeeming SurveyRx Incentive Points ("SIPs"). Each SIP is redeemable for US $1 in cash value (or the equivalent in your local currency).




As we have amended our Terms of Use, we request that you complete the following within ninety (90) days from today:




1. Log in to our Web site http://www.surveyrx.com and accept our new TERMS OF USE.




2. Convert your accumulated honoraria into SIPs OR redeem any accumulated honoraria balance.




Although you are already registered with us, we are requiring that you accept these new Terms of Use. Once you have done so, you will have the option to either redeem your existing honoraria by cash or convert to SIPs. Following these actions, you will be able to participate in studies with us as usual.




Members may redeem accumulated honoraria at any time. If you decide not to accept these new Terms of Use, you will be required to redeem all outstanding honoraria. If you choose not to do so, you will be debited an account maintenance fee of $3.00 per month, or an amount equal to the account balance, whichever is lower.




Thank you for choosing SurveyRx®. We look forward to your participation in future studies!








The Customer Service Team at SurveyRx®








1200 US Route 22 East


Bridgewater, NJ 08807

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Dear SurveyRx Participant:



Due to the higher than normal response rate to some of our more popular surveys, we are requesting that you come back to our site within an hour to try to participate with us.


Thank you for your patience and we look forward to your participation!

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When I login it isn't showing any surveys at all. Any help! Thanks;

If your account isnt showing a survey then either they filled their quota or you didn't qualify for this particular survey, Im sorry:( it's wise to check your account (not only this one but all that you belong to) on a regular basis, you'd be surprised..:)

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I didn't qualify this time either. I'm sure having a string of bad luck these days. I MISS THE EXTRA CASH!!! Ugh... Good luck to everyone else!! :rolleyes:

It isnt just you, I think all of us are, I havent qualified for many and I usually have good luck, but the summer months are the pitts when surveys and good money almost come to a halt.. It'll pick up again..

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"SurveyRx is conducting a telephone invite with consumers like yourself in regards to new products and treatments of skin conditions. Your opinions and feedback are critical to the success of this research.


This survey consists of two parts, a brief 3 minute on-line scheduling survey and a 30 minute telephone qualitative interview.


**Please be advised that prior to your interview you will need access to a computer or to successfully complete the interview**


If you qualify and complete the telephone qualitative interview, you will receive 75 SIP’s (SurveyRx Incentive Point, note 1 SIP = $1), as appreciation for your time and insights. To participate in this interview you will need access to an independent telephone line. You will receive your honoraria via US mail as a regular check. Please remember you will be notified via email when the honorarium has been credited to your SurveyRx account.


Since there are a limited number of openings for this study, we encourage you to participate as soon as your schedule allows. We expect scheduling for this program to be completed before March 24th, 2011. You can participate in the screener, from home or work, at the internet address provided below.


To complete the ‘Attitudes and Opinions Regarding Product for Skin Conditions,’ all you need to do is visit us on the web at: www.SurveyRx.com"



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