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1.97 mens jeans at Old Navy YMMV


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I'm sure this is very YMMV but it never hurt to look. Yesterday I got nine pair of jeans and cords for my DH for 1.97. They are all original 40.00 pants! Happy Hunting.

I was talking to the cashier at my local Old Navy the last time I found some 1.97 deals and she told me that it is up to each store manager to mark things down so low and the reason they mark it so low is because they cant order anything new in a particular dept until all of one item is gone. That probably explains why employees find things like the valentines pajamas 1 month after valentines (this happened at my local Old Navy) because a manager hid them to be able to get the St Patricks day PJs

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its not that we hide them, our storage is in the shelves above the clothes. What happens is we forget stuff is up there, we find it months later and that is how u get your 1.97 jeans and 97 cent shirts. Also Stuff and Save returns end of this month, so all you card holders, 20 percent off.
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