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shoebuy.com $10 off 1 item $20 off 2


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ShoeBuy.com has $10 off 1 item - code 1springfl07 or $20 off 2 items coupon code 2springfl07 [Exp 3/26]. Alternatively, get 20% off any purchase with coupon code MARCH07 [Exp 3/15]. Free shipping on any order. Tax only in CA,MO,KY and TN. They sell shoes and related items (if you were wondering). Other coupons:


$10 off $30 with Discover card code DISCOVER


$10 off on Bags, Luggage, and Accessories code Save10


Just bought me some crocs for 17 and change! I got an extra 10% for being a new customer!

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davephillyj - How did you get the 10% off for new customer? Do you need a code or it automatically takes it off when you first sign up? Thanks!

At the bottom of the homepage underneath- order by phone,which is in blue, you will see savings and updates. click on that. then on the next page click register and save. it will drop down to the register and save area. then click register and save again. once you register then go back to your shopping cart and checkout. when you enter you email and password it will give you an extra 10% off at checkout.

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How are the returns? I haven't ordered with them and I've got funky feet. =-)

Very easy and quick! You print out a shipping label, drop off at UPS. They are very quick to respond and give credit. I think they are a great site!

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Not sure what size I'd take with the Crocs. Usually when I buy sandals I get 7.5 other shoes are 8. Do I buy a 7?

I would go with an 8. I wear anywhere from a 10-10.5 and I ordered an 11 and they fit right. Keep in mind that they are supposed to be loose fitting shoes

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Once you make an order, they give you the 10% off for 60 more days. My 60 days started over when I made ANOTHER order. This is at the bottom of every confirmation email, so as long as you keep ordering, it seems it will keep extending:


"Thank you for being a Shoebuy.com member. As a member, you will automatically

receive 10% off any purchase that you make within 60 days of this purchase.

That's right! Automatically. Your 10% discount applies to all merchandise in

your shopping cart and to unlimited purchases. Shoebuy.com discounts do not

apply to Gift Certificate purchases or upgraded shipping charges."



I must admit - I am hooked, lol. I haven't bought shoes anywhere else. This morning MIL called to see what to get dd for her birthday and I had to get her little Merrell's. Hubby will be excited. The lady at the Stride Rite store told him that they don't start until size 5. He'll be very surprised to see his girly in tiny size 4 pink Merrell shoes. :)

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