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Motorola 5.8GHz 3-Handset Cordless Phone System - $59.99 Shipped @ OfficeMax


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i had to typen item # from sales paper on website to bring this product up and then it came up 119.98 online. i called and ordered over phone for 59.99. fyi, thanks and have a blessed day


Do you by chance have the item number? I need it so that I can order.

Thank you

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Couldn't get it for the sale price online, but called and ordered it no problem. Thanks for the idea of calling in the order, Nana49, I appreciate it. I was looking for a new phone, and I hope these work well.


They work very well! I don't use the answering machine because I have voicemail, but if you do they even have 3 different mailboxes on the answering machine part. The speakerphone on the 3 handsets is better than the previous phones that we have had.

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