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Rite Aid deals


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We have a Rite Aid just down the street from the CVS so we get their sale papers every week, too. It looks like they have a lot of the same type of deals that CVS has, only they do a 'single rebate check' thing instead of ECBs. Anybody have any experiences with this system to share? Any good tips for getting the most out of it? They have a few $0 AR or even better with coupon this week, but I don't want to do it if its some kind of hassle.


Maybe we can have a Rite-Aid thread? :)


Here are a few of the deals I saw:


Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Sheer Shampoo, Conditioner or Glaze $2.99-$2.99SRC=$0

(there are supposed to be coupons out for this, but I can't find one :()


Sun light automatic dishwashing detergent or liquid 2/$4 - $3 SRC on two, so it's 2/$1.00


I'll leave it at that until I see whether anyone else is interested or has a Rite Aid to shop at.

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I have gotten a few of their SCR's. CVS is nice where you just scan your EC card and they do the rest. Rite Aid you have to enter your receipt onto their website (after you register as a user) It will tell you when you have enough to redeem. They send you a check in the mail- just like a rebate check.


Rite Aid doesnt give you a % of your total dollars spent back like I belive CVS does.


The Rite Aid did come pretty fast in the mail.

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I actually don't have a CVS anywhere here in Colorado.


Here are some additional deals with Rite aid this week.


Supress Cough Strips 48 CT $2.99-2.99 SCR=FREE


Windex Glass Cleaner 26oz or Wipes 25CT $1.99-$1 SCR=.99AR +$1 coupon from SS 1-14-07= .01 profit.


Fantastik Cleaner 32oz $1.99-$1 SCR=.99AR +.50 coupon from SS 1-14-07= .49


Scrubbing Bubbles 17oz $1.99-$1 SCR=.99AR +.75 coupon from SS 1-14-07= .24


Lysol Nutra Air or Wipes $1.99-$1 SCR=.99AR + use B1G1 coupon from SS 2-11-07= .99/2


Natural Instincts hair color 2/$15-$6 SCR=$9 + use the B1G1 coupon from VALASSIS 1-14-07= $1.50/2 (and possibly use $5 coupon in last sundays paper for possible money maker)


Airwick Decosphere priced at $1.49 there is a $1.50 coupon from SS 1-7-07= Freebie+.01 profit possibility.


Then of course there is the spend $25 on P&G products before coupons/discount and you are eligible for a $10 Rite Aid gift Card. More on that stuff at their website just click view the offers and it is down a bit.



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I don't have anything to add but thanks for the thread. We don't have CVS in California. I do Walgreens and Rite Aid rebates monthly. My ad this week is different than yours. Must be regional.


Note that the cough strip rebate is only good for purchases made before Saturday.


Thanks again...

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So... it seems like Rite Aid has a slower turn around time than CVS (con) but gives you actual cash $$ instead of coupons that have to be used at their store (pro).


Well, I'm thinking I will want to trade with both places, especially since they're conveniently locately close to each other here. :)


Thanks to Catiyana for her more thorough report of the buys for this week. As usual, I don't have seem to have all the coupons I think I should. (Don't have the decosphere $1.50 for example). But I think it would be great if the exceptional buys were brought to our attention here (along with info about what coupons we could/should have to turn them into even better buys!!).


I'm off to check out the website!

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Went to check out the local Rite-Aid at lunch on Monday and got a few deals and entered my receipts on line and received an email today saying I have $6.00 in SCR. Not a bad turn around not sure how long it will take to receive the check but I'm not ready to request it yet still some more shopping to do for the month.


I checked around the store and compared coupons to their clearance merchandise and got a few deals. Dove deodorant regular size marked down to $1.34 (had $1 off coupon) Suave body wash vanilla & brown sugar marked down to $1.24 (had .75 off coupon) and also some clearance toothbrushes that I had $1.00 coupons for marked 75% off.

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Yes, you can only request Rite Aid rebates once a month. So, you usually do it at the end of the month as there are usually special rebates that are good for only one week scattered throughout the month. You can find these in advance in the monthly rebate flyer in the store. They post them online too, but if you want to plan in advance, using coupons too, it's easier to just pick up the whole flyer. (I circle the ones I want for free then look for Sunday coupons so they can pay me to buy them plus more!) Good luck!
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Here are some of the deals I have seen in there this week.


Teen Spirit, Lady Speed Stick, and Speed Stick (excludes Men's 24/7) .97-$1 coupon=.03 possible profit


I recieved the speed stick $1 coupon from signing up with Riteaid.com and recieved $50 worth of rite aid store coupons (printable). Now am wondering if I can stack these ones.


Agent Cool Blue 16.9 oz. $3.99-$1 SCR=$2.99-$1 from SS 2/4/07=$1.99


Electrasol Orange Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Gel or Powder - 75 oz., Gelpacs or Powerball 20 ct. $2.49-$2 SCR=.49 -.35 or .50 coupons from SS 2/11/07= .14 or +.01


Jet Dry Orange 8.45 oz. $2.49-$2 SCR=.49 - .40 from SS 1/7/07= .09


Now with the electrasol and jet dry you can only have 2 total. So one of each or 2 of either one for the rebate to work.


Kleenex Facial Tissues 120 ct. or Lotion 80 ct. $0.88- $0.40/3 from SS 12/31/06 or 1/28/07 = $2.24/3


Emerald Pecans or Walnuts 5 - 7 oz. $1.88- $1 from SS 11/12/06 or 1/14/07= .88


Tic Tacs Bold or Regular single pack 2 for $1- .55/2 from VALASSIS 2/4/07= .45/2


I know there are more but here is what I've seen so far..

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Well, my just previous post question was answered when I got the $50 in printable coupons in my e-mail as Catiyana had just mentioned. Duh. Used the Lady Speed Stick one and the BOGO Sobe for dd. Had no problem using printables, even though the scanner didn't scan them. The clerks were super nice. I hope I always get the same ones! :) They even indicated they would take photocopied computer coupons! Wow!


Now,... on to my big discovery. Maybe you guys knew, but I didn't, that you can go online to riteaid.com, click on the SCR icon down the page on the left, and click on 'view offers'. All of the SCR offers & details, with pictures will be listed there. See the 'create rebate shopping list' on the right? You go thru the list and check the ones you're interested in. Then go back to the top and click on 'add checked items'. It will take you to a page where all your deals are listed and can be printed!!!! Just your deals!!! No more flipping back and forth through that sale paper or writing out a list trying to explain what counts for what. I'm soooo thrilled! It made my Rite Aid trip a lot shorter and much less stressful! I feel like I discovered America! LOL


Anyone else using this list to shop by?


Another thing I like is how, when you enter your receipt info online, it automatically tells you what you've bought that qualifies for what deal and if you're short, how much more you need to get it. Pretty slick!


I'm liking Rite Aid!

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