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Kohl's 1/2 carat dia earrings $24.99 DOUBLE check your store's pricing!!!


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Oh my gosh...THANK YOU to the original poster on this one. I went to our local Koh'ls in Stevens Point to get my $49.95 pair of 1/2 cart diamnond earrings...GUESS WHAT???


THEY ARE ONLY $24.99 here with all the markdowns!!!


I just about died. We also got a Mystic Fire tennis bracelet, ring, and matching earring set for $24.99


So people..DOUBLE check and ask the sales person on the markdowns!!!


Once again thank you to the op.

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Holy cow! I usually can't wear earrings, and we just came from the city with Kohl's. It's 40 miles away. DH and I decided to get my new Ariat Boots instead of the earrings for my V-day gift, so I talked myself out of going. There was this nagging voice in my head that said Go! Go!, but I ignored it. DANG!
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I had to go and read that Kohl's thread yesterday and get a bright idea to get my daughter diamond earrings for her birthday in lieu of a birthday party. Well, then I decided they had to be princess cut. Then I decided they should be platinum because it is totally hypoallergenic. (People develop nickel allergies because of the nickel mixed in with cheap gold.) Then hubby chimed in that they must be at least near colorless. Then .... oh, you get the idea, lol. We went to the mall last night and determined that 1/4 carat total weight is right for her ear size, giving her about 12 points in each ear.


Right now we're looking at some on Blue Nile that meet all of the specifications, except they are screwbacks for adults rather than a baby. Now I have to check around with a local custom jeweler to try to fill this apparently bizarre request. I had no idea that it was going to be this diffcult to find them. Thanks for the post about the sale, lol. :eek:


In all seriousness, I do love the idea of getting them for her and I'm quite excited. I really just don't want to go over about $325, so I'm going to have to work hard at this one.

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Guest RealLivePrinces

Kohl's associate said it would cost $20 to make it smaller? is this normal? I always thought , they do this for free.

It's a fairly new policy (I think we started it before Christmas), and was done to speed things up. ALL Kohl's stores send their to-be-sized jewelry to one little tiny vendor (incredibly dumb? you bet), so sizing was taking 2 months.


As a result, we started charging $19.99 to size rings purchased for the sale price of $99.99 and under, and now rings come back in about a month.

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