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Meijer shoe clearance

Suzy Crampton

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I was at the Meijers today and bought a pair of Eastland shoes reg. price $59.99 and I only paid $10 for them! The sales associate was marking all the clearance shoes down as I was trying them on and she told me that they were marking them all way down to clear them out to make more room for spring/summer shoes. The shoes that I bought had been previously marked down to $29.99 and then they reduced them down to $10, that is an awesome markdown:)
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I found a kick-ass pair of heeled boots there on 50% off -- only one size left, MINE! I couldn't believe it. Not only that, but they were 50% off the orig. price, and then another 50% off when I rang them up...I floated out of there!!! LOL
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