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$50 off of a Nintendo DS at Gamestop


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I looked on their site for the weekly ad and it says to look back on January 21...well that's today. :)

yeah same here but i emailed them, and they replied:


Dear Customer,


Thank you for contacting us!


We will put up the ad as soon as possible.


Thank you very much and have a great day!


Best regards,


GameStop Customer Service


Original Message Follows:



todays ad is not up, says come back today, jan 21 but its not there.




its up now by the way lol

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Finally got to stop in today and see if they had any. My son has been wanting one, but we had been letting him play either mine or dads. Well I brought my SP in, just in case and sure enough the lady said the delivery guy just dropped them off. I even passed him in the mall, lol. She had pink and black lites. The deal would work on regular ones, but they didn't have any. My son still had b-day money left, but not enough for a new one. So what I'm ending up doing is giving him my old DS (teal regular one) and getting the DS pink lite one for me. I'm sure my younger son is going to want one as well, but hubby said he can have his, since he doesn't play it that much, and when he does the kids are in bed, or I'm not playing mine, so we can all kinda share them.


Ugg, and to think at Christmas I told them over and over again they would not be getting a DS because they didn't need them. But I can't pass up a decent deal!

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I bought a few other things, like a GBA game and I went with their "card" where you get extra 10% on trade in games and a year of their magazine and extra coupons and such. But the DS was $129.99 minus the $50, so $79.99 for a new DS lite. I don't remember what the deals were before Christmas, I recall the cheapest DS only was $99, but don't know about any bundles going on. But this was a good enough deal for me!
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