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ALDI's - Step 2 Roller Coaster


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I work at a store in Central IL...yep that price was the initial 50% mark down that they did on the 24th (at our store)..ours went quick. Another drop last week made some of the toys 85% off! Everything is gone (toys) at our store now.


If you go into a store and they don't have something ask them to check for it at another neighboring location. They don't have to make the call and look for it....and if they find it you will have to go get it yourself but at our store we can sometimes find things 30 minutes away at the other stores.

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These are great!! We have had one for at least 10 years and all the kids from my DD16's friends to my DD12's friends to my 2 year old DS just love it to death and gravitate to it anytime they come over. We keep ours in the basement and even though the teens far exceed the weight limit it has really held up. No matter how much you pay these are a great investment!!
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