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Payless shoes up to 70% off


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I just scored some new shoes, alot of them were reg $20-$25

on sale for $3, $5 and $7


I got some nice dress loafers and sneakers.


Awesome deals! Check it out! One can never have too many shoes :giggle:


Zip code 59701



Also picked up some kids spiderman gloves for $2 reg $4

Pair of over the knee socks Reg $5 for $2


AND OMG they had legwarmers reg $6 for $2 LMAO!!!!!


And womens gloves for $2.00

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I went to my local Payless today and while they still had the 70% off signs up in the window, I didn't see any must-have deals inside.


The girl in the shop completely pissed me off by breathing down my neck and starting off with: "just wanted to let you know out latest promotion is 70% off most things and the way you can tell the price of something is by looking at the tags."


Argh. <insert rolling of eyes here>

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