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Aeropostale up to 70% clearance!


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I was just there and they had a lot of stuff for 70% off but it was orginally very expensive. For example, there were hooded sweatshirts that were supposedly normally 49.99-59.99 and then 70% off which is really not that great of a dal considering that everything in the store is usually 50%. You still end up paying about 12-15 for a cheap sweater...maybe some still find that a great deal but I have been finding better deals elsewhere...For example, you can get nicer hooded sweatshirts at Old Navy now for 5.97 and nice long-sleeved shirts at Gap for 3.97-6.99. Just look thorougly through the racks.
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That bomber coat is 14.99 in the store. I had purchased it online and then the very next day I found probably 10 or 12 of them in the store. My order came in today, so I'm taking it back in for a refund. I won't get shipping back but I will stick get about $15.00 back in the difference.
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