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I hate the way they look. But my knee surgeon told me I HAD to get them. So I did, and now I wear them all day. I usually went without shoes or with Nikes'. Crocs are wonderful I can't believe it. He also told me not to go generic? I guess they don't hold up.
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I've couldnt get past their looks either, I bought a pair of their flip flops and LOVE them, they are super comfy, bought hubby a pair as well. Have heard they last 2-3 years! I would like to find a reg pair now, but they did run larger than my normal shoe size.
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Okay, you all convinced me. I just ordered a black pair of Crocs Endeavor. (the ones without the holes on top) They pretty much just look like a black pair of clogs. I can live with that! :) Besides, what is there to lose? If I hate them they have free returns! I'm going to try to think positive though!! Thanks to everyone for their input! :)
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110% Price Guarantee


If you find a product for a lower price on another website, we will refund you 110% of the difference between the lower price and Shoebuy's price. We'll even refund the difference if we lower the price at Shoebuy.com!



The item must be in stock in the same style, size and color that was purchased from the Shoebuy.com website.

The website where you find the lower price cannot be an auction site.

The final price that would have been paid at the other site will be compared to the final price on your order with Shoebuy and will be included when calculating the difference. Offer is valid for 10 days after you make your purchase.

Offer is valid on orders/items shipped to destinations within the United States.

To receive your refund:

Order the item that you want from Shoebuy.

Send an email to [email protected] with: (1) your Order Number, (2) the URL of the site where you found the item, and (3) instructions how to find the item.

After receiving your email, Shoebuy will verify the website where you found the lower price, give you the discount, and send you an e-mail with your new total.

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My DS needed a new pair of sneakers ASAP, but it wouldn't let me use the SAVE10 code on shoes, so I used the DISCOVER code for $10 off, then registered to get the extra 10% off, and today I got a pair of Skechers, sz 3 youth, for $19.40. No shipping, no tax...Now THAT is a bargain! Thanks OP!
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