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In search of good set of pots

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Errr, Uhmmm Le Creuset? Enameled-Cast Iron. We got a smooth top last year and an initial buy of L_Cr_ cookware. Then continued the theme this Christmas. They are expensive, (do any kind of search), but we are confident that these will be heirlooms to pass on to our children. ALL our pieces are a red motif (not flame), and if you're fortunate to have an outlet nearby, the savings on this VERY expensive stuff is substantial. The bennies-lifetime blah, blah,,,; the heat retention is the highest I've ever seen=less energy$$; and the look factor.... Again, this is not cheap, years ago we started with the economy stuff, then we advanced to calaphon/etc...; now, we really can't think of anything better to go to. It doesn't 'scratch our smooth top, we use inside our oven as well. Just a final idea of prices (scary) the two pieces I picked up on black friday were a 3 1/2 qt oval & a 9 1/2 qt oval @ $214, and that was with 40% off. L_C_ has another 'sale happening in mid-Jan07.


Just an http idea of what you're looking at for the cast iron: http://www.lecreuset.com/usa/products/guide.php?brand_id=1

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I am a consumer reports nut so I looked on there for you.

The number 1 brand and their pick is COSTCOS KIRKLAND BRAND(150)

then as follows



4. Emerilware(250)




8.Berndes-Signo Classico(200)


10.Farberware-Select Non-stick(100)

11.Calphalon One(480)

12.Cuisinart-Chefs Classic Nonstick(100)

13.Calphalon-Kitchen Essentials(150)

14.Cooks Essentials-Stainless(100)

15.Circulon -Steel(150)


17. Calphalon-Simply(150)

18.Farberware-Millenium Touch Soft Colors(150)




Of course these are all Nonstick let me know if you are interested in Mixed or Uncoated and I will post those

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Le Crueset are great, but they are SO EXPENSIVE. You can get good deals on them sometimes through Amazon, but they are rare.


I have a set of Circulon from my wedding almost 11 years ago. I really liked them, but am looking to change in the next year or so.


Thanks for the Consumer Report info. Some great stuff that I can keep an eye out for. For me, the most important is how you can clean them. I honestly do not have the time nor patience to only hand wash my pots and pans. Esp after making beans, rice and tamales! ;)

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I use Consumer reports some of their articles are free but I am a member. Uncoated as follows

KitchenAid-Gourmet Essentials Brushed Stainless(150)


Emerilware-Stainless(200) This is What I have


Members Mark-Try-Ply-Clad 130

JA Henckels-Classic Clad-200

T-Fal-Jamie Oliver(150)

All-Clad-Master Chef 2(320)

Cusinart-Chefs Classic(100)

All-Clad-Copper Core(700)

Wolfgang Puck-Bistro(200)

Farberware-Millenium Touch(130)


Daniel Boulud-Kitchen Generation(350)


Viking-Professional Starter(565)

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Look at Philippe-Richard.


This is a new brand. I picked up a set at Filene's last year for about $50 after all rebates.

They are still looking new and look like they will go for another 3-4 years.




PS: I am Indian, and Calphlon frying pans last about 18 months in my Kitchen :)

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We recently bought the Cooks brand hard anodized aluminum set from JCPenney. So far we love it. We also have a couple of pieces of Calphalon and love those as well. Yes - you have to hand wash them, but it is well worth it to have really good, high-performing cookware. :)
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