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The Illuminator 2 flashlight

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Has anyone seen these flashlights in stores? You crank them and they light up. We were at a Christmas party tonight and they were a HUGH hit with all the men, ages 18 to 80!! I cannot find them in stores and I know these came from QVC. Anyone looking for a fun gift for a man I know this one was hit, but I would love to find it a store and not have to order it on line. I know they were around $10.00 each on QVC. Thanks
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I haven't seen the Illuminator 2 anywhere but QVC yet, but I have several of the original ones and I'm not sure what the difference is in them. But I purchased a 2 pack at Kohls for $12.99. Also, our Big Lots has them $7.99 each or 2 for $15. They are the flashlights that you crank them to wind and that is what runs them. We LOVE them!! When electric goes out, no need to worry about batteries for flashlights (1 of mine even has a radio that works like that in it!! but it was $19.99)
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