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Turkey & Gravy Soda..


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I'm not sure how many of you heard about this, but an amazing joda maker called Jones Soda makes a special favor of soda each holiday season, this favor just happens to be Turkey & Gravy. Yes, it's really nasty - but it's for the kids. All of the money is give to Toy's for Tots.


This year Jones Soda made not only Turkey & Gravy but the whole thanksgiving meal all in their "Easy-to-Drink" bottles. The favors included Turkey & Gravy, Cranberry, Mashed Potatos, Green Bean, and Fruitcake -- it also included a free toothpick.


15,000 of these "Holiday Packs" were sold in less than 30 minutes -- check out their website here. Please don't let these favors throw you off, they make some great favors that I drink daily. You can buy their sodas a Winn-Dixie (in the southeast), Target (Normal, Greatland, and Super), and misc. gas stations around the United States.


It makes a great holiday gift for the kids... :tongue1:

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